Friday, November 7, 2014

701 Days...

It has been 701 days since KC left our house.  (I missed out on the even 700 yesterday....such a slacker!!) 

The days have been long.  701 days as a family apart.  701 days of no good night hugs.  701 days of no good morning smiles.  701 days of separation.  

This journey has been much needed, yet a bitter pill to swallow.  We have all grown and matured and learned so much.  Things we would not have learned otherwise.  

AJ is healing.  Her attachment and PTSD issues are still present, but she's made some HUGE gains in being able to process through it all.  I thank God for bringing people into our lives that are willing to 'go there' with her, with us.  My prayer moving forward is that she can continue to progress even with the chaos of the upcoming transition.

The BIG T...This is what KC calls it!  The big transition.  In 14 days, KC will be moving home full-time.  FOURTEEN DAYS!  The changes in her have been amazing and beautiful.  I am quite hopeful that this reunification will be a success!  

So as we're moving forward, I am trying to compile a list of Things We Need to have available for when people ask... So far, I know we need: 

  • Prayer Warriors!!  This one is self-explanatory.
  • To keep busy - I have seen that when we have got stuff to do on the weekends, the girls do so much better behaviorally.  So don't hesitate to join us!
  • Accountability - When things start to slip for me emotionally or mentally I will isolate myself.  Hey, don't let me!  Call me on it.  Make me be social.  I need it far more than I care to admit.  
Can you think of anything else?  I am thinking there must be more!  

Let's see the progress, shall we?  Take a moment to look at these pictures... The first was from 2010.  The second from 2 weeks ago.  Can you see the change?  Is it as visible to you as it is to me?  

October 2014

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