Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It Takes a Metropolis...

I'm a loner. I like quiet. I am most certainly an introvert. Adopting kiddos was definitely  a stretch for me.  It has opened up a whole huge world.  I never knew how much I needed people until I came to the end of me and found out I most certainly am not enough for my kids.

At this point in our lives we has quite a number of people involved.  KC has an out-patient therapist, out-patient  psychiatrist, out-patient OT, school OT, school case manager, school speech pathologist, in-patient therapist, in-patient psychiatrist, 2 in-patient case managers, a family crisis therapist, an entire coordinated services team, a long term waiver funds case manager, a neurologist, a primary physician, an ear nose throat specialist, a multitude of aides at school, a geneticist, and a neuro-psychologist.  We are still looking for a music therapist and an art therapist. 

AJ has a developmental pediatrician, a primary pediatrician, a geneticist, out-patient PT, OT, and speech pathologist, school PT, OT, and speech pathologist, a school case manager, a therapist, a family support case manager, a respite care provider, orthotic specialist, an ear nose throat specialist, a pediatric ophthalmologist, a gastroenterologist, and a neurologist.  

My role in all of this is to make sure everyone knows everything.  It's truly a full-time job.  So much for quiet, huh?!  You've heard that it takes a village to raise a child...In our reality it takes an entire Metropolis!  And I am thankful for each one.